"It's called the silent killer for a reason," says Brown, who is speaking up about the disease on PEOPLE.com

By Lesley Messer and Rennie Dyball
June 28, 2012 08:00 PM
Picture Perfect/Rex USA

Prepare to be inspired.

Former Real World/Road Rules Challenge star Diem Brown is only 30 years old and she’s battling ovarian cancer. For the second time. But her outlook on the disease is not what you may think.

“The way to stay positive through something that’s awful,” says Brown, “is trying to find a silver lining.” Part of that silver lining, she adds, is the chance to raise awareness about the disease, which she’ll do every week in her blog for PEOPLE.com.

“I want to bring more awareness to ovarian cancer,” she says. “It’s called the silent killer for a reason. There’s not many symptoms, there’s not many tests you can do to find out if you have it.”

As for her decision to undergo experimental fertility treatments, “I want to be a mom,” she says simply. “Having a kid to me is more important than anything.”

Diem will be chronicling her journey through fertility treatments, chemotherapy, and her quest to educate others about ovarian health exclusively for PEOPLE.com