Osmond Family Remembers Dad on 'Oprah'

"He laid down with a smile and he passed away," daughter Marie Osmond tells Winfrey

Photo: Adam Bettcher/WireImage

Marie Osmond says her father had seen the quickstep she dedicated to him on Dancing with the Stars on Monday – the night before he died.

“They said he got up the next morning and it was one of the best days he had,” Osmond told Oprah Winfrey on Friday. “He took a shower, he sat down on his bed, he laid down with a smile and he passed away. And he wanted to dance with my mom. So, he moved on.”

At a tribute show for George Osmond, Marie said her father would have wanted nothing else on the week he died at age 90 than for his family to celebrate his and their lives together over the past 50 years.

“I couldn’t believe you guys all showed up after your father passed,” Winfrey told Marie, who replied, “We talked about it, and he would want us all to be here.”

Winfrey’s program brought more than 100 Osmond family members together for an emotional trip down memory lane, complete with grainy old photos and splashy old video footage of the Osmond entertainers at their peak.

“We believe we’re an eternal family,” Donny Osmond said. “We know we will be with our parents again. We know it. We don’t just believe it. We know it.”

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