Oscars Found

A happy Hollywood ending: More than fifty Oscars that were reported missing last week were found last night, still safely wrapped in their shipping containers. The statuettes were discovered by accident near a grocery store dumpster in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles. Willie Fulgear, 61, who salvages items for a living, was looking for empty boxes. Instead, he found boxes that weren’t empty. “I’ve got more Oscars than any of the movie stars,” Fulgear told the Associated Press. He reported his discovery to a local TV station, which alerted the police. Fulgear, who didn’t even know the Oscars had been missing, is expected to collect the $50,000 reward posted by the shipping company, Railway Express, when the statuettes had first vanished on March 10. He says he’ll use the money as a down payment on a house for his son. Police Capt. David Powers told AP early today that some question remains as to whether or not the Oscars — which are being examined for fingerprints — will be returned to the Academy in time for next Sunday’s awards ceremony. “If it were just a matter of recovering the Oscars,” said Powers, “I’d say let’s open them up right now. But this is a theft, a criminal investigation, and we have to proceed cautiously.”

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