We knew about Jacob Tremblay's hot dad but there's more

By Alex Heigl
Updated February 28, 2016 06:45 PM
Credit: Source: Jacob Tremblay/Instagram

Yes, yes that Jacob Tremblay is very cute, isn’t he? With his glasses and his Instagram and finely honed balance of precociousness and gee-whiz good-naturedness? And his film might win an Oscar! Isn’t that fun? So fun.

But what is even more important is that Jacob Tremblay has hot parents. And they belong to all of us now. Sorry, Jake. You lost your dad to the Internet when he showed up at the Golden Globes looking all dad-hot, and now you’ve lost your mom as well, because she’s hot, too. Game over. Good effort. Sorry, they’re ours now. That’s how this works.

Hot mom, hot dad:

No, it’s not, don’t worry, this is the Internet. Just don’t say anything about the kid.

Again, we were first clued in to the Parents Tremblay’s hotness back at the Golden Globes

But it wasn’t until Tremblay posted this pic of the car ride to the Academy Awards that we were all like, dayyyyyyuuuuum. (We really were just like that. Mere moments ago.)

Also, did you know that Tremblay’s hot dad is a cop? Hot dad and hot cop are two of our Older Hot Dude Bingo squares. (Others are Owns a Dog, Is Reading a Book and Has Strong Hands.)

Jacob Tremblay, you were great in that movie. More importantly, however, what are your parents doing later? We’d like to have them over for cheese.