Oscar Nominee Julie Christie: I've Been Married for Years

The actress calls recent reports of a secret wedding in India complete "nonsense"

Photo: Christopher Peterson/BuzzFoto

Forget those reports that screen legend Julie Christie recently snuck off for a “secret wedding” in India. Turns out the Oscar nominee has been married for years!

Reports of hush-hush nuptials to her longtime boyfriend, journalist Duncan Campbell, are “nonsense,” she told reporters at London’s Film Critics Awards on Friday night. “I have been married for a few years. Don’t believe what you read in the papers.”

The stunning 66-year-old – who won her first Academy Award for 1965’s Darling and was nominated twice more, for 1971’s McCabe & Mrs. Miller and 1997’s Afterglow – is up for best actress again for her role in Away From Her.

“I am much more content now than I have been probably since I was born,” she told PEOPLE.

Now that the Oscars have been saved, Christie will have the chance to glam-it-up for the Feb. 24 ceremony. How does she keep her figure red-carpet ready?

“I do yoga,” she said. But don’t think that means getting up at dawn to squeeze in a workout. “I am not that disciplined.”

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