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Pick the best Academy Award dates for singles Natalie Portman, Renee Zellweger and more

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Natalie Portman, 23

Natalie Portman, 23
S.Granitz/WireImage; R.Stonehouse /Retna; L.Rose/JPI;D.VanStory/Abaca

Talented, beautiful and serious (she's a Harvard grad), the Closer star should treat herself to the finest arm candy as she competes for Best Supporting Actress and serves as a presenter.

Who should she date? Our candidates:
Gael Garcia Bernal: Her onetime beau is an intellectual match
Josh Hartnett: He's just as down-to-earth as she is
Ryan Gosling: The Notebook star can sweep her off her feet

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Gael Garcia Bernal, 26

Gael Garcia Bernal, 26
D.Longendyke/JPI; R.Karnbad/CelebrityPhoto; J.Johnson/JPI; A.MICHAEL/GLOBE

Though he missed out on an Oscar nod himself, the Mexican star of Motorcycle Diaries (up for Best Adapted Screenplay) can still look good on the red carpet.

Who should he date? Our candidates:
Natalie Portman: They can be a young Hollywood power couple
Zooey Deschanel: The indie actors share a gift of subtlety
Franke Potente: The Bourne Supremacy star, too, has international intrigue

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G. Flores/CelebrityPhoto; A. RENAULT/GLOBE; C.McKay/WireImage; C. Knight/JPI

The Oscar winner, whose surprise marriage to Kenny Chesney ended after three months, could use a little luck in love.

Who's her best match?
Joaquin Phoenix, 31: Like her, the shy brooder likes to keep his love life off the red carpet.
Damien Rice, 35: The actress, who also dated Jack White, is hot for men with microphones
Adrien Brody, 32: A fellow Oscar winner, the King Kong star can be her real-life hero.

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Ethan Hawke, 34

Ethan Hawke, 34
M. VonHolden/DMI; L.Cohen/WireImage; L.Rose/JPI; J.SPICE/Alpha/GLOBE

It's been two years since he split from wife Uma Thurman. So what better way to attract a new love than a nod for Best Adapted Screenplay (Before Sunset)?

Who should he date? Our candidates:
Julie Delpy: Let life imitate art – the Before Sunset pair perfected romance
Angelina Jolie: He can handle a bold woman
Lucy Liu: The action star could show him some new moves

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Kirsten Dunst, 22

Kirsten Dunst, 22
K. TANG/ALPHA/GLOBE;K. INDIEK/GLOBE; S. Granitz/WireImage; M. Hause/Startraks

She spent nearly two years with Jake Gyllenhaal, but since last summer the Oscar presenter – once one of PEOPLE's Most Beautiful – has been a single girl in Hollywood.

Who should she date? Our candidates:
Jake Gyllenhaal: The exes are still friendly and playful
Orlando Bloom: The Elizabethtown costars can heal their hearts together
Jason Schwartzman: The Rushmore star shares a love for all things indie

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