Oscar De La Hoya: Win or Retire

Oscar De La Hoya is threatening to hang up his trunks — if he loses. The 28-year-old gold medallist at the 1992 Olympics is set to match off against WBC super welterweight champion Javier Castillejo of Spain in a pay-per-view bout this Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. De La Hoya would become a champion in a fourth weight class should he take the crown that night. But, should he lose, he said at a press conference, he’ll retire. “A loss would mean that’s it, it’s over,” De La Hoya said. “I would have no reason to be inside the ring anymore.” An idle threat, think most observers: Oddsmakers have De La Hoya as a 9-1 favorite to beat the Spanish champion and become a titleholder once again. As it is, De La Hoya will reportedly make some $5 million from the fight. Castillejo will be paid $800,000. Castillejo said through an interpreter: “Oscar thinks I’m easy, but he’s making a big mistake.”

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