By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated April 23, 1998 12:00 AM

In anticipation of this weekend’s Oscarcast, Sy Sperling, founder, president and client of the Hair Club for Men, shared his thoughts about the follicles of filmdom’s finest with The Washington Post. His verdict? Robin Williams “seems to be experimenting with different hairstyles to camouflage the thinning,” says the hair expert (who’s put Williams on his so-called “Sy Sperling Watch”). Kevin Costner is wearing too many baseball caps, so “it’s time” for him “to see a professional for some replenishment and refurbishing.” Jude Law is already “receding in the front . . . I think plugs would work for him.” Kevin Spacey, thinks Sperling, should replace his “tired and lifeless . . . rug,” Steven Seagal’s piece has “a Conway Twitty-in-the-’50s puffed-out look” and Bruce Willis’s sometimes enhancement looks like a “hair yarmulke” (Jewish prayer skull cap). While Ed Harris looks great with or without hair, says Sperling, Jack Nicholson should — but won’t — take his advice. Having called Nicholson and telling him that he’d look younger with a rug, Jack replied, “You know, Sy, the receding hairline is part of my personality, and the women love me the way I am.” Talk about a winner.