Steven Spielberg’s World War II drama “Saving Private Ryan” marched forward on Wednesday by winning the top motion picture award from the Producers Guild of America. All but twice in the past 10 years, the PGA film winner has gone on to capture best film Oscar honors. Only 17 more days until the Academy Award ceremony.

  • In other movie news: Warner Bros. has announced it will make a feature version of the sugary sweet ’60s sitcom “Family Affair,” which starred Brian Keith as a Manhattan bachelor who suddenly finds himself guardian of his nephew and two nieces. (The series also starred Sebastian Cabot as valet Giles French, Cathy Garver as Bill’s teenage niece Cissy; Johnny Whitaker as his carrot-top nephew Jody and Anissa Jones as his niece Buffy, Jody’s twin sister.) Variety reports the movie will be produced by Sid and Marty Krofft, who created the original series, and “Home Alone” auteur John Hughes. Howard Deutsch (“Pretty in Pink”) will direct.