Professional athletes, actors and presidential candidates react to the tragic shooting in Orlando

Credit: Gerardo Mora/Getty

Just one day after the shooting of Christina Grimmie – and about a 10 minute drive from the scene of the crime – a gunman opened fire at a gay nightclub early Sunday morning. According to authorities, 50 people have died and at least 53 are injured, making it the most deadly mass shooting in modern American history. And now, celebrities are reacting to the tragedy.

Two major figures in the LGBT community include former professional tennis star Billie Jean King and former NBA player Jason Collins, who became the first openly gay athlete in North America’s four recognized major team sports. King tweeted, “Heartbroken for the devastating loss of life in Orlando. When will we change our guns laws! Praying for the victims and families.” Collins echoed a similar message.

Michael Sam also posted a long message asking for unity and peace in the wake of the attack.

The shooting hit especially close to home for Alex Morgan, who is a forward for the Orlando Pride professional soccer team. She has been actively promoting blood donations in the Orlando area.

Beyoncé also shared a photo of flowers in the shape of a peace sign with the words “Orlando.”

Bravo‘s Andy Cohen posted a series of tweets and an Instagram expressing his grief, prompting the question, “If we can’t get rid of guns, can we get rid of homophobia???”

Adam Lambert had a similar message for his “brothers and sisters” in Orlando.

Kris Jenner posted a photo in response to her “heartbroken” reaction to the shooting.

Meanwhile, Julianne Moore, Olivia Wilde and John Legend encouraged a reevaluation of gun control policies.

And the 2016 presidential candidates were quick to sound off on the tragedy.

Authorities have not yet confirmed if the shooting was an act of terrorism or a hate crime, but they are investigating the situation. However, local authorities have called the shooting “an act of terror.”

FBI sources told CNN that they are investigating potential ties to ISIS.