Some McDonald's fans think the new sexy Hamburglar doesn't compare to the original

In case you thought no one cared much about the Hamburglar, you are wrong. Some people really care, more than you would have thought possible about a McDonald’s mascot.

Some of them have even banded together and made a fan video showing the adventures of the original Hamburglar – the O.G. Hamburglar, as they’re calling him – as an artful protest to the younger, hunkier, non-gibberish-spouting Hamburglar that McDonald’s debuted last week.

That’s right: The above video, which shows Ronald McDonald and Grimace breaking the original Hamburglar out of prison to the tune of “Radar Love,” isn’t a McDonald’s creation. It’s made by AdRave, a group of advertising-focused creatives who devoted their own time and resources to making the video because they love the Hambulglar that much.

Fellow Hamburglar advocates are even encouraged to suggest where Ronald, Grimace and #OGHamburglar should go next.

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So the next time you think “people just don’t care about anything anymore,” remind yourself that these people do care, very deeply and specifically, about the Hamburglar.