Bill O'Reilly Pleads with Donald Trump to Show Up for Thursday's GOP Debate – but the Front-Runner Doesn't Budge

Trump is not budging on his GOP debate stance

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Donald Trump sat down for a chat with Bill O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor on Wednesday, further explaining why he’s skipping out on Thursday night’s GOP debate.

In a testy back-and-forth O’Reilly begged the Republican presidential candidate to reconsider his decision and attend the debate.

“That’s what America’s about – robust debate. Don’t walk away from it, okay?” the host said. “You’re depriving the people of seeing you in a forum they need to see you in Putin’s going to come at you the mullahs are going to come at you. And it’s going to be personal. They’re going to do everything they can to diminish you. As president you have to rise about that and what’s best for the country.”

After being warned by the talk show host that people would call him “too self-absorbed to be president,” Trump compared the debate to President Obama accepting the Iran deal.

“When you’re mistreated, as we were with the Iran deal that our country should have walked – secretary Kerry, President Obama should have walked from that deal – you would’ve made a much better deal,” the business mogul said.

“I was not treated well by Fox. They came out with ridiculous PR statement, it was like drawn up by a child and it was a taunt and I said, you know, how much of this do you take,” Trump added.

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The presidential hopeful reiterated what he’s said for some time now – that he has “zero respect for Megyn Kelly” – and shared that he doesn’t think she does her job well, as she’s “highly overrated.”

Still, O’Reilly pushed, hoping to change Trump’s mind. From calling attention to the Republican front-runner’s “Christian faith,” reminding him that there “is a very significant tenet and that’s the tenet of forgiveness,” to asking for him to do the debate as a personal favor, O’Reilly tried every angle to get Trump back on the stage Thursday night.

And still, he refused.

After acknowledging that forgiving Fox was “probably” the right thing to do, the billionaire businessman shot back at O’Reilly, saying, “It’s called an eye for an eye also. You could look at it that way. It’s up to Fox, it’s not up to me.”

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