Oprah Winfrey now believes she has “misused” television, she told a British publication. The talk-show queen admits that she regrets, among other things, giving a platform to the Ku Klux Klan. She’s also sorry about those times she waited for the moment when a guest started crying, she told the Radio Times. “I’ve been guilty of misusing TV,” she said. “It is a dangerous medium and is misused all the time. There are shows I should never have put on air.”

  • In other TV news, the National Enquirer has been given the go-ahead for a five-nights-a-week TV show (starting next fall) based on the popular supermarket tabloid, reports the New York Post. “We define what tabloid is,” said Mike Walker, the Enquirer columnist who will host the half-hour show. According to Walker, the show will deliver a daily roundup of entertainment news, celebrity gossip and current events. It will also approach most of its stories tongue-in-cheek, he says, noting, “One of the things that people miss about the Enquirer is the tremendous humor that’s in the paper.”
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