The media queen will be a rival of Howard Stern's come September

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated February 09, 2006 10:00 AM

Oprah Winfrey is expanding her empire even further.

On Thursday, the media queen signed a three-year, $55 million deal with XM Satellite Radio to introduce “Oprah and Friends,” a new channel to be launched this September on the No. 1-ranked U.S. subscription radio service, Reuters reports.

The channel will include a show hosted by Winfrey as well as programs featuring other guests from her syndicated TV show.

XM’s smaller rival in the U.S. satellite radio market, Sirius Satellite Radio, is best known as the new home of Howard Stern.

Meanwhile, XM, which currently has more than 6 million subscribers, has said that its goal is to reach 9 million subscribers by the end of the year. Sirius, by comparison, has more than 3 million subscribers.