The talk show host says she invited her new family member to dinner and they're "building a relationship"
Credit: George Burns

The half-sister Oprah Winfrey never knew she had has been revealed to the world, and now the two siblings are getting to know each other.

“We’re taking it slow,” Winfrey said of Patricia (whose last name has not been revealed) on Tuesday’s episode of The Gayle King Show. “I think it’s about building a relationship one conversation – one experience – at a time.”

One important connection the two women share is their mother, Vernita Lee, who gave Patricia up for adoption.

“I think we have … the common interest of our mother,” Winfrey said. “Everybody who’s dealing with an ailing parent understands that process of getting care for them. And we’re speaking regularly about that.”

Winfrey has also ensured they’ve been able to cultivate the beginnings of a bond in a private setting as well as on the international stage.

“I had her to dinner at my house the night before we taped the show,” Winfrey said, where there were “conversations about [Patricia’s] family and how I can be helpful.”

For Winfrey, there seems to be no downside to the sudden addition to her family.

“She coming into the family at this time has been a great peace offering, a great symbol of peace-making in this family,” Winfrey said. “I would say I see her as a gift.”

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