Oprah: I'm Not Hosting a Jen-Vince Wedding

Winfrey and Aniston put the big, splashy wedding rumors to rest

Photo: Dima Gavrysh/AP; Vince Bucci/Getty

Oprah Winfrey on Monday put to rest rumors that she’s throwing a lavish $8 million wedding for Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn.

With the help of Aniston, who called into The Oprah Winfrey Show to set the record straight, Winfrey said that there is no party, let alone a “wedding of the century” as some reports would call it.

Winfrey also denied reports that she’s giving the couple a $1-million wedding present. (“It sounds like you’re giving me Santa Barbara,” Aniston joked to Winfrey of tabloid reports.) And the talk show host said she’s not hiring celebrated cellist Yo-Yo Ma to perform at the alleged nuptials.

“(The rumors) are so unbelievable,” said Aniston, adding that she first heard the wedding rumor when she was asked about it earlier this month on the Today show.

“For us,” Aniston told Winfrey, “I guess, at a certain point, you have no other choice but to think it’s funny.”

Winfrey, however, said she didn’t think it was funny that a news program like Today was reporting such fodder.

Thumbing through a supermarket tabloid that Winfrey said also wrongly reported that she and longtime companion Steadman Graham were splitting, Winfrey referred to a published account that she’s helping Aniston hunt for a house near hers.

“I do want you near me,” Winfrey told Aniston, “but you can live where you want to live, honey.”

Yet, is Aniston house hunting? “No, I have my house,” she said.

Anything else she wanted to talk about, asked Winfrey. “No wedding, no moves, no no,” said Aniston. “I’ll keep you posted.”

During the Today appearance earlier this month with two of her Friends With Money costars Aniston was asked about the alleged wedding.

“I thought you weren’t going to go there,” Aniston’s costar Catherine Keener snapped at the morning program’s entertainment reporter, Jill Rappaport.

Rappaport acknowledged Keener’s instinct to protect Aniston, but said she was still curious about the rumors because she herself had never been to an $8 million wedding.

“And now you won’t be,” said Keener, as Aniston remained tight-lipped.

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