The talk-show host launches a channel for her own original videos and more

By Tim Nudd
November 05, 2007 03:00 PM

As though she isn’t busy enough these days, Oprah Winfrey has launched her own YouTube channel, which she’ll use to post bonus behind-the-scenes footage and other extras from her TV talk show.

“I just want to say hi to everybody in the YouTube community,” she says in the welcome video. “I’m Oprah, of course. I’ve had my own show for – how many years? – 22 this year. But I’m excited to now have my own channel on YouTube.”

After toting a video camera around her Chicago TV set in recent weeks, Winfrey, 53, has begun posting some of the footage online. In the videos, she plans to show what happens backstage, during commercials and more.

Winfrey has also been featuring some of YouTube homegrown stars on her show, and will film them for her own YouTube clips. She explains: “All I can say is, tune in to the Oprah show to see YouTube’s greatest hits, and then come back to our YouTube channel to see what’s new.”