Oprah Gifts Audience with $1K Debit Cards

Winfrey offers "the gift of giving back," with the audience giving the money to charity

Oprah Winfrey had a special treat for each of the 310 members of her audience on the day before Halloween: a debit card worth $1,000.

Although no trick is attached, there is a slight catch. The card, sponsored by Bank of America, is actually part of a “gift of giving back” program – with the $1,000 having to go to a charitable cause, the Chicago-based talk queen says on the official Web site for her show.

“I can honestly say that every gift I’ve ever given has brought at least as much happiness to me as it has to the person I’ve given it to,” says Winfrey, who, in the past, has given away such audiences prizes as brand new cars. “That’s the feeling I want to pass on to you.”

Winfrey calls this latest gift her “favorite giveaway ever.”

In terms of giving, the audience members are free to present the entire sum to one person, though family members are not eligible. They also have the option of dividing the money among several causes.

To follow up on how the money does good, the audience also received Sony DVD recorders in order to film their stories for an upcoming show.

“You’re going to open your hearts, you’re going to be really creative, and you’re going to spend it all at once on one stranger or spend a dollar on every person,” Winfrey told those in the studio. “Imagine the love and kindness you can spread with $1,000.”

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