Oprah Gets Ears Pierced: She Says 'Ouch!'

Plus: Quaid and Russo team up, R.E.M. sick, and more

PAINED: Dr. Emily Pollard, a plastic surgeon, pierced Oprah Winfrey’s ears on the TV mogul’s show Monday, inserting a small diamond stud. “Ohhhh!” Oprah reacted as the needle did its trick. “I need a shot of tequila!” The audience also screamed, the New York Post reports. Only one question remained: Why hadn’t Oprah done this before? “I just turned 51, and I’m feeling stronger and better than ever,” she said. “This year, I wanted to give myself a special birthday present.” After the procedure, she admitted: “That did not not hurt.”

CAST: Family films are coming fast and furious, with Variety reporting that Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo are slotted to take over roles originally played by Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball, for a remake of the 1968 comedy Yours, Mine And Ours – about a real-life California family with 18 children. (The movie actually inspired TV’s The Brady Bunch.) Scooby-Doo‘s Raja Gosnell will direct, with an April start date for release this November. Also spawning a sequel: the 2003 Steve Martin hit, Cheaper By the Dozen, which was a remake of a 1950 comedy, about a family with only 12 children.

CANCELED: R.E.M. has pulled out of a second concert on their UK tour Tuesday because their bassist Mike Mills has the flu “and is resting.” A statement on the group’s Web site said they were not sure how the rest of the week’s schedule would be affected. R.E.M. had canceled a gig in Sheffield Monday night due to Mills’s illness before calling off Tuesday night’s performance in Glasgow. “As to how this affects the shows scheduled for the remainder of the week and beyond, the band is taking it day-to-day based on the advice of Mike’s doctors,” according to a statement.

OFFERED: The flashing, colorful Brooklyn dance floor where the white-suited John Travolta took his pose in 1977’s Saturday Night Fever is set to be auctioned off now that the club, Bay Ridge’s 2001 Odyssey, closed last week and was sold to a real estate investment company. Brian Chanes, director of sales at Hollywood-based memorabilia company Profiles in History, which is handling the sale, said the floor is attracting international attention, with collectors expected to post bids of more than $80,000 for the piece of cinematic history, reports the Associated Press.

EXPANDED: MTV’s first African channel takes to the air Tuesday in more than 1.3 million households, showcasing such young artists as Nigeria’s 2face and South Africa’s pop star Lebo, reports the French Press Agency. All told, the network will reach audiences in 50 countries across the continent. Although MTV Europe is already broadcast throughout Africa, this is the first time there been a channel dedicated solely to the continent, according to Linda Vermaas of MultiChoice, which is the satellite provider in Johannesburg.

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