Oprah Does a Martha Stewart

Oprah is joining the fold — the magazine fold, that is. The talk show host, who is used to gracing magazine covers, in now starting one of her own, to debut next spring. Her partner is the Hearst Corp. “Fashion victims, be warned,” reports The New York Times. “Ms. Winfrey will not be pontificating on the pros and cons of leopard-print pants and frosted eye shadow.” The new magazine will offer articles on community, family, relationships, health and fitness, fashion and beauty, and books. “I love the printed word and have always appreciated the unique connection between author and reader,” Oprah says. “This magazine provides a different way for people to be informed and inspired.” Oprah’s name will be part of the title (as yet undecided), and the magazine will have four to six issues its first year. It will then probably go monthly.

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