The man utilizes his crutches in one of the best breakdancing routines you'll ever see

By Drew Mackie
Updated March 04, 2015 12:05 PM

Simply put, this guy is one of the better breakdancers you’ll ever see, and incidentally, he has only one leg.

Rather than allow his lack of a leg to be a handicap, this dancer actually uses his situation to his artistic advantage, incorporating his crutches in moves that virtually no other dancer could pull off.

The all-too-brief routine proves a hit with the crowd, but it just might make you want to see more from the guy who moves unlike any other breakdancer.

It may also make you question the breakdancing moves you can pull off with two legs. (It’s cool. We all went there.)

Now if only he can inspire a studio to get a Breakin’ 3 made …