The boy band's stars talk about fame, outer space and whether they'll move to the States

By Tim Nudd
Updated January 31, 2013 02:00 PM
Jon Furniss/AP

If you think it’s been an emotionally crazy few years for the members of One Direction, imagine how their mothers feel.

“My mum just cries the whole time. My mum literally has not stopped crying for the past two and a half years,” Liam Payne said Thursday on ITV’s Daybreak show in Britain.

The boys may be world famous, but they insist their families are still their biggest fans.

“It’s really nice just to like look out [at a concert] and see your family, however embarrassing they’re being,” said Zayn Malik. “Even if they’re on the chair dancing, like, it’s just cool.”

Just don’t invite them on stage. “Our mums would absolutely poo themselves if we brought them on stage,” Louis Tomlinson said. “My mum wouldn’t know what to do.”

One things the moms are a little less thrilled about? The tattoos their sons have been getting.

“My mum went crazy about the whole tattoo idea,” Payne said. Malik added that their manager, Simon Cowell, hasn’t said anything about the tattoos, “but our mums have been like, ‘Maybe you’re getting a bit too much.’ ”

The boys also denied rumors they were house hunting in Los Angeles. “No,” said Tomlinson. “I think someone just sits down and says, ‘What can I write about today?’ ”

In any case, they may have a grander destination in mind. Both Tomlinson and Harry Styles revealed in the interview that they’d love to go to space.