By Maria Yagoda
Updated November 13, 2015 02:50 PM

Lilly Singh has brought two very important parts of her life – her family and One Direction – into one glorious video.

The comedian, who has over 7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, put together a medley of One Direction songs, but with slightly different lyrics.

Okay, very different lyrics, all of which revolve around her parents, who worry about her staying out late, going on dates and wearing clothes that show her knees. Singh plays her parents – she has lots of experience – who fret over her incessantly and sing about reading her diary and crashing her dates.

Singh relates her side of the struggle, too: “The story of my life / I leave from home / In ten minutes / I hear my phone / It’s mom.”

Maybe Singh should call her mom to weigh in on today’s Bieber-One Direction face-off? We’re sure she’d love to hear from her.