Five of the Year's 10 Most-Retweeted Tweets Came from One Direction

Directioners go hard on Twitter

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Twitter has released its annual data on the topics that trended the hardest, the tweets that were the most retweeted and the accounts that garnered the most traction throughout the year 2015.

And in news that will surprise no one (except, perhaps, Justin Bieber fans), One Direction dominated the Twittersphere all year long.

Half of the year’s top 10 most retweeted tweets came from the boys of One Direction (both past and present); Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn each had a place on this year’s retweet hall of fame, earning their respective spots with the tweets below:

These numbers aren’t surprising, of course – we all know how hard 1D fans go on Twitter. In fact, 1D-related trending topics are so popular that’s it’s almost more rare to see a Twitter trending sidebar without one than with one.

While the group clearly dominated, there were plently of other accounts that scored serious stars (now hearts), too. Caitlyn Jenner’s for one: She set a record for the quickest account to amass 1 million followers. And Barack Obama’s tweet celebrating the legalization of marriage equality across the United States got nearly 450,000 retweets.

Big successes, to be sure – but there’s still no topping One Direction.

Keeping doing you, Directioners.

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