Five fun facts about the surprisingly similar Once Upon a Time stars

By Liz Raftery
October 24, 2011 05:00 PM

Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison are no strangers to television, having made names for themselves starring in HBO’s Big Love and Fox’s House, respectively. They’ve now paired up for ABC’s new fantasy adventure series Once Upon a Time, a modern-day take on Snow White, which premiered Sunday.

Set in the strange fairy tale town of Storybrooke, Maine, the show features Morrison as Emma Swan, who may be the long lost daughter of Snow White, played by Goodwin.

Turns out the actresses have more in common than starring roles on a buzzed-about new show Here are some fun facts (and surprising similarities) about the two stars.

1. Jennifer x 2
They both have the same name – at least on their birth certificates. Born Jennifer Goodwin in Memphis, Tenn., Goodwin later changed her name to “Ginnifer,” both to distinguish it and so that people would adhere to its proper Southern pronunciation.

2. They’ve Got Degrees to Prove It
Gin and Jen’s acting credentials extend beyond stage and screen roles. Morrison, 32, majored in Theatre and minored in English at Loyola University Chicago, graduating in 2000. Goodwin, 33, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Boston University in 2001. And as a child model, Morrison starred in television commercials and appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated for Kids in 1992, alongside Michael Jordan, while Goodwin appeared in a Gap campaign in 2008.

3. Tweet Tweet!
Both are avid Twitter users. Fans can keep up with Morrison and Goodwin on their Twitter pages, where they post updates about Once Upon a Time and often respond to questions and comments.

4. They Love Animals – For Different Reasons
An animal activist, Goodwin once adopted an entire flock of turkeys and was a spokesperson for the animal protection organization Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Turkey program in 2009. Though she was at one time a vegan, the actress eventually had to abandon the diet due to health issues.

But something tells us they wouldn’t be ordering the same thing off a menu. Morrison once told PEOPLE, “I love In-N-Out Burgers!” and she’s Tweeted her affection for Thanksgiving turkey as well.

Guess Gin and Jen can’t have everything in common.