Explaining Internet Slang: 'On Fleek'

Interestingly, the term survived being hijacked by both Taco Bell and IHOP on Twitter

Photo: Courtesy Nicki Minaj

Internet slang moves pretty quickly. Just as the world at large was catching up with “bae,” the new slang term crossing Vine, Instagram, et al. has taken hold of the Internet.

Enter “on fleek.”

“On fleek” dates back to at least 2003, when its Urban Dictionary definition was created. It defines the term as “smooth, nice, sweet.” In 2009, a second definition – as a synonym for “awesome” – was submitted. By June 21 of this year, a Vine user named Peaches Monroe uploaded a loop containing the now-immortal phrase, “eyebrows on fleek.” Another Vine-r uploaded a video of Ariana Grande apparently singing the line, which was (apparently) when it hit critical mass.

Things started snowballing from there. Brands jumped on board

Buzzfeed chimed in with a quiz, and about a month ago, Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram with the caption.

The most recent entry in the canon? Last week, Nicki Minaj debuted a new hairstyle, which her friend Sherika pointed out on Twitter bears more than a passing resemblance to rapper Coolio’s trademark look.

Minaj’s response was succinct:

So there you go. Sunrise, sunset; another piece of slang is born.

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