On Fire for Springsteen

A New Jersey firefighter is in trouble for faking an inspection in order to avoid a long line to buy Bruce Springsteen tickets, AP reports. Fire officials wouldn’t identify the culprit, who could face disciplinary action. The incident occurred Saturday when fans of The Boss lined up at a Ticketmaster outlet in Newark, N.J., hoping to buy tickets for one of 15 shows to be held at the Continental Airlines Arena in July and August. A fire truck pulled up in front of the crowd, and three firefighters got out and went inside, saying they were conducting an inspection, according to a bystander. Fans began yelling and cursing when they saw one of the firefighters buy four tickets while the fans were still locked out. Newark Fire Department spokesman James Langenbach said the department conducted an internal investigation after receiving several complaints from would-be ticket buyers, and the firefighter was forced to surrender the tickets.

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