Olsen Twins Party Like Rock Stars On Their 22nd Birthday

Mary-Kate and Ashley hit the Bonnaroo Music Festival

Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen celebrated their 22nd birthday on Friday, June 13 with a wild weekend at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennesee, near Nashville.

The twins began their celebration on June 12, by exploring downtown Nashville s Lower Broadway, where they stopped into The Wheel, A TK BAR, listened to the Rob Skaggs Band and drank Red Bull and Patron. They were just having a good time with their friends, says an observer. Everyone was laughing and dancing. They all seemed very relaxed.

On Friday, June 13, the two hosted a private dinner party in the State Room at the five star Hermitage Hotel with eleven of their friends, and Josh Groban, who made a surprise visit. The former Full House stars left the hotel around midnight and then rocked to a My Morning Jacket concert till three ayem.

On Saturday, June 14, the girls were spotted with their pals at the Pearl Jam concert, dancing on the VIP balcony for three hours. Mary-Kate, dressed in jeans and a baggy flannel shirt, and Ashley, wearing a floppy hat and white shirt, jammed as the Seattle rock band played Evenflow and Alive. “They never stopped dancing,” says a concert goer.

The twins capped off the weekend celebration on Sunday, June 14, when they left the Hermitage Hotel, wearing sunglasses, carrying armloads of bags, and yes, one cup of Venti Starbucks.

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