Olivier Martinez Dismisses Rumors of Trouble with Halle Berry

The French actor admits he has mixed feelings about reports of problems in their marriage

Photo: AKM-GSI

Olivier Martinez admits that he gets corny when he starts to talk about Maceo-Robert, his 8-month-old son with wife Halle Berry.

“Every morning I can lose myself just by looking at my son,” says the French actor, 48, in an interview printed in Grazia magazine.

While Martinez says that becoming a father has been the biggest adventure in his life, he has different feelings when it comes to rumors that his 11-month marriage to Berry is going through a rough patch.

“That’s bulls––t,” he says. “Sometimes you have to laugh about what gets published, sometimes it’s annoying, but in general I don’t care.”

Martinez insists that most of the stuff he reads about himself he never actually said. “That tells a lot about my life, doesn’t it?” he says.

He insists that the view that the public has of him “isn’t really me. Just being famous feels cheap to me,” he says. “In Hollywood you can live alongside very famous but still incredibly boring people. I’ve never wanted to be immortal. Even if nobody remembers me after my death, it’s still okay with me.”

“Except for those I love,” he adds. “What I am trying to say here [is], I’m only traveling through, just like every other human being.”

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