March 17, 2016 10:50 AM

Get your tissues ready.

Olivia Wilde stars as a young woman with Down syndrome in a moving new PSA to promote World Down Syndrome Day.

In the new spot created by CoorDown, the same people who created the heartwarming “Dear Future Mom” PSA in 2014, Wilde portrays a woman enjoying her daily, regular life – camping trips with her parents, working at a restaurant, singing and dancing with friends. Throughout the montage, a woman narrates the scenes, describing her perception of herself.

“I see myself as an ordinary person,” she says while Wilde is filmed sitting in a laundromat. “With an important, meaningful, beautiful life. This is how I see myself, how do you see me?”

The woman speaking is then revealed to be AnnaRose, a 19-year-old woman with Down syndrome who lives in New Jersey.

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“A look may be friendly, encouraging, respectful or cold, devaluing and even discriminatory,” CoorDown said in a press release about the new ad. “A look can offer opportunity and foster inclusion for people with Down syndrome, or it can alienate and reinforce prejudice.”

They continue, “The metaphor aims to inspire a reflection on how people with Down syndrome see themselves, whilst revealing the inherent prejudice and discrimination that they face based on society’s preconceptions and stereotypical low expectations.”

Cordon’s previous 2014 ad for World Down Syndrome Day, “Dear Future Mom,” has already amassed nearly 7 million views on YouTube. Watch the previous spot above.

World Down Syndrome Day will take place on March 21.

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