Chloe Lattanzi has a very special photographer helping her capture the perfect Instagram shot these days: her mother, Olivia Newton-John

By Dave Quinn
August 04, 2017 08:35 AM
Credit: Chloe Lattanzi Instagram

Chloe Lattanzi has a very special photographer helping her capture the perfect Instagram shot these days: her mother, Olivia Newton-John.

The 31-year-old singer and actress has been sharing a handful of sultry pictures taken by the Grease star to the popular social media site over the past week — including one of her posing on a bed posted Friday.

“Off to bed. How cute is this bed guys!!! Heavenly sheets! I love you all,” she wrote. “Loving sharing my special moments with my mom with you. Photographer: mommy. I adore you mom! Your [sic] the best photographer.”

Their photoshoots come as Newton-John battles breast cancer for the second time. In May, the 68-year-old Xanadu star announced she was putting her U.S. and Canadian tour on hold after discovering she has breast cancer that has metastasized to the sacrum.

Olivia Newton-John and Chloe Lattanzi
| Credit: David Livingston/Getty

Since then, the mother/daughter duo have been spending a lot of time together. “Us Newton-Johns love photography!!!!” Lattanzi said Thursday in the caption of a gallery of photos snapped by her mom.

Other pics taken by Newton-John were shared on Wednesday. They featured Lattanzi modeling outside while wearing a cropped denim lace-up top and ripped jeans.

Lattanzi spoke out on Instagram soon after her mother’s diagnosis went public to thank fans for the well wishes and support.

She wrote: “My mom and best friend is going to be fine! She will be using medicine that I often talk about. CBD oil (cannabidiol oil)! And other natural healing remedies plus modern medicine to beat this. Cancer is the disease of our generation and it is part of my and my mother’s quest to beat this insidious monster.

“We both love you all, and anyone fighting this disease you can beat it. Look for natural remedies as well as what modern medicine can offer. My mom is so powerful she will beat this in no time. All my love to you. And I wish you health, wealth and happiness.”

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In June, Lattanzi briefly took a break from social media after getting fed up with negative feedback in her comments section.

“Some woman commented that I couldn’t post happy pictures of myself because of what my mother is going through. I am so sad and no one has any idea what I am going through. I don’t want my life to be public and this [is] the greatest struggle a daughter could go through. And the last thing I need is someone telling me that I can’t distract myself and post normal creative pics on my Instagram,” read her sign-off message in part.

“My mom is fine and the one thing she told me is to keep being creative positive and take my mind off anything negative [sic]. My mom and I are humans and unfortunately my mother’s cancer has to be everyone’s buisness [sic],” the post continued. “You could never imagine how much we just want to be alone. And not have to deal with the world’s opinions of how we deal with this. I’m going to leave my Instagram for a while. Not. Because Im [sic] ashamed that I posted a pic that wasn’t to do with my mom, but because I’m angry. Angry that there are such incredibly insensitive a—holes out there making me feel ashamed of trying to feel normal. Good bye for a while.”