Olivia Munn Says She 'Could Possibly Teach 7th Grade Economics'

The actress admits she had to "study quite a bit" for her role on the show

Photo: Heather Kennedy/Getty

Olivia Munn is known for her role as a brilliant and quirky financial reporter on The Newsroom, and as it turns out, that knowledge isn’t all an act.

“I had to study quite a bit for this role,” she told PEOPLE at Saturday night’s South By Southwest (SXSW) comedy opening party hosted by Late Night with Seth Meyers in Austin, Texas.

“I’m not quite at Sloan’s level; I’d say I could possibly teach seventh grade economics,” she adds, referring to her character, Sloan Sabbith. The upcoming third season of The Newsroom will be its last, HBO announced in January.

Meyers reveled in being out late on the weekend, having spent last Saturday night watching SNL.

“This is pretty amazing, being out on a Saturday, it’s only my second Saturday night off in years,” he says.

He also chatted a bit about his animated series, The Awesomes, saying, “It’s really exciting how far the show has come, I’m really proud. We started small, but we have an actual staff now!”

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