The tech-obsessed star sats it's sexy "to watch a guy take down Call of Duty 4 without breaking a sweat"
Credit: Courtesy Men's Health

Six-pack abs and a George Clooney smile are fine, but Olivia Munn is looking for something a bit different in a man.

“Look, it’ll always be unbelievably sexy to watch a guy drive a golf ball straight down the fairway 300 yards and hit the green,” the actress and The Daily Show correspondent says in the December issue of Men’s Health. “That will never change, in my opinion.”

For men who can’t golf, never fear – she’s also got a soft spot for guys who can work a joystick.

“It’s also sexy to watch a guy take down Call of Duty 4 without breaking a sweat,” she adds. “Having mastery over anything is hot.”

Munn, 30, who broke up with Chris Pine earlier this year, reveals her current sleeping partners: her gadgets.

“I sleep with my BlackBerry and MyTouch plugged in on my nightstand, my laptop in my bed next to me (now that I’m single, I have plenty of room to let my electronics sleep next to me), and my Universal remote that controls my Blu-Ray, DirecTV, TV, and Xbox,” she says.

“I don’t think there’s a problem with gadgets in the bedroom,” she adds. “I have a lot going on and I work hard. And my work fulfills me and makes me happy. And listen, when someone really grabs my attention, I don’t even think about my phone.”