The actress-singer released her latest single, "Phoenix," on Friday
Credit: Sam Deitch/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

Olivia Holt‘s new single is finally here! The 18-year-old, who hasn’t put out music since 2014, released her song “Phoenix” this week.

“I’m super stoked for everyone to hear it,” Holt tells PEOPLE. “It’s been a long time coming, but I feel like everyone is going to be really happy with it.”

“It’s been a blast, just the entire experience, making it and being a part of it,” continues Holt. “‘Phoenix’ is a really important and special song for me.”

And the star believes that when everyone listens to her single, “they’ll understand a big portion of me and my mantra, and the way I live, and the way I think – and that’s all coming off of a positive note,” she says, adding that it’s an “empowering song.”

“It’s finding my inner confidence and hoping that inspires other people to find theirs,” she explains.

Holt also shares that compared to her previous songs, “Phoenix” will be the first time that she’s “really putting music out” as herself “not as a character or for something [else].”

“The past music that I’ve done has been for films or for TV and that’s great, but it’s been more so for a role than it has been for me,” she explains. “[‘Phoenix’] is for me.”

As for if we’re going to see more music from Holt, she says, “1000 percent.”

“It’s been a little tricky just because I’ve been trying to focus on this record, but then at the same time I’ve been working on a couple of movies,” the Kickin’ It alum admits.

She continues: “It’s been a little challenging trying to balance both. But I’ve kind of put aside the whole acting realm for just a minute, just to really draw my attention more so on music and focus a little bit more on that side – that way I’m 1000 percent there and making sure that people know that this is what I want to do.”

However, Holt – who says she’s going to be “bouncing back-and-forth” between acting and music – hopes to “continue doing both for the rest of [her] career.”

“I love them, and that’s where I find my happiness and that’s where I’m most content,” she says.