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The former Miss USA has stripped down for the new issue of TREATS! magazine

July 28, 2015 11:50 PM

Olivia Culpo has bared all in her first nude shoot.

Speaking about her decision to go naked for TREATS! Magazine, Culpo – who split with boyfriend Nick Jonas in June – told the publication: “So many people today strive for perfection, covering up who they really are in any way they can.”

Adding: “I have been guilty of this too, but for this shoot I couldn’t hide. This was as real and raw as it gets.”

Culpo admitted being nervous about it at first, but after deciding to work with photographer Tony Duran, her anxiety was eased.

Olivia Culpo
Tony Duran/Treats! Magazine

“It was about me. Where my head is at as a person as a woman,” she said. “What are my insecurities what are my strengths. I had never done a nude shoot before, but it really wasn’t about that. This shoot was more about letting myself go emotionally.”

Culpo, 23, said in the interview that she was interested in working as a model outside of the usual realm of advertisements and editorial work. She had been looking for a way to explore modeling as art.

Olivia Culpo
Tony Duran/Treats! Magazine

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“When I looked at Tony’s work before the shoot, especially with nudes, what I saw was the beauty and sensuality,” Culpo added. “The images we produced that afternoon felt like paintings to me. The colors the lighting it all felt very timeless. I am not looking at nude bodies, but more the composition and quality of the image.”

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