"Halloween is a family favorite," Oliver Hudson revealed about playing dress-up for the spooky holiday
Credit: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

As Halloween approaches and eager celebrators rush to plan their elaborate costumes, Oliver Hudson has already settled on a special spooky look: whatever sister Kate Hudson tells him to be.

The Nashville star said at the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic in Pacific Palisades, California, on Saturday that for his and Kate’s annual Halloween party, his attire of choice is usually in the hands of his sister.

“Halloween is a family favorite,” Oliver told reporters. “My sister and I have a party, usually every year, that I don’t pay for. I make my sister pay for it. But it’s always the epic party, and everyone goes all, all out. I can’t wait for Halloween.”

The 39-year-old dad said Kate typically decides on a theme for the party, and he mostly tries to “play within the theme.”

“And sometimes I go outside of it,” he admitted. “It just sort of varies. But if I have an idea, I will pursue that idea, aside from the theme. She’s a hot, little number, and she’s going to do things that are going to make her and her friends look as sexy as can be. So it’s always like, airline stewardesses, or there was a Game of Thrones theme where they were all like Khaleesi. So there’s been many, many themes.”

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This year’s subject? The actress hasn’t decided if she’ll even have a party yet, so Oliver is already brainstorming his own special look.

“I want to do a full prosthetic like fat suit, to where no one even knows who I am or recognizes me throughout the entire party,” he said.

Reporting by ABBY STERN