Loren Wade told Today that there is no secret to his long life, but he does appreciate his good fortune

As if turning 103 weren’t enough to celebrate, Loren Wade is also Walmart’s oldest employee in the United States – and he has no plans to retire.

Wade has worked at the retail giant for more than 30 years, greeting customers and working the cash register.

“I like to meet the people, and being here, I get to talk to a lot of people,” he told Today. “I like being occupied. I usually keep very busy, one thing or another. They see to it that I do.”

Wade, who has an 80-year-old son, has lived in Winfield, Kansas, most of his life, and on Saturday, his friends, family and co-workers threw him a party.

He attempted retirement in his 60s, but it didn’t last long. He got bored and quickly applied for a job.

“I appreciate getting to be old and being recognized, but like I say, I’m still just a normal human being,” he said. “I just happen to have been lucky enough to still be here.”

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Wade is also a veteran, having served for the United States Air Force during WWII.

In honor of his birthday and his military service, Walmart donated $125,000 to the Friends of the National World War II Memorial.