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January 07, 2015 05:00 PM

What would you do if you were offered a $974 million divorce settlement check?

The ex-wife of Oklahoma oilman Harold Hamm said “No, thanks” on Tuesday, as she pursues an appeal in the hope she’ll be granted a larger share of the couple’s assets accrued during their 25-year marriage.

According to Reuters, Hamm, the chief exec of oil driller Continental Resources, offered the hand-written check to equal the full cash value of what he owes based on a judge’s November divorce order – and thus stop running up interest that already has exceeded $93,000 since then, while the former Mrs. Hamm, Sue Ann Arnall, appeals the decision.

Arnall’s attorney Ron Barber said in a prior statement to PEOPLE: “Sue Ann is disappointed in the outcome of this case. She dedicated 25 years as Harold’s faithful partner in family and business. She feels that an award of less than 6 percent of the couple’s wealth, which had grown during the marriage up to the date of trial by more than $18 billion, is not equitable, and she plans to appeal the Court’s decision.”

Divorce settlement check from Harold Hamm to ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall in the amount of $974.8 million
District Court of Oklahoma County/Reuters

At the time of the announced settlement, pegged Harold’s wealth at $14 billion. His attorney Mike Barrage told PEOPLE at that time, “We think that the judge heard all of the evidence, and that it’s a fair resolution of the divorce case.”

Significantly, the order by Oklahoma County District Judge Howard R. Haralson, which granted Sue Ann a total settlement worth about $995 million, left majority control of Harold’s publicly traded oil company in Harold’s hands.

Sue Ann asked her husband to move out in February 2012, and in divorce papers cited “mutual irreconcilable difference.”

Her attorneys have asked the judge to award Sue Ann a lump sum of $266 million while her appeal is pending, reports A hearing on her alimony request has not been set.

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