Sgt. David Robison "gave me hope," Mark Ross wrote on Facebook

By Alex Heigl
September 28, 2016 03:40 PM

Highway patrol officers hear all kinds of excuses for speeding. But Mark Ross didn’t really offer one. Pulled over for speeding Sunday, he just broke down crying.

Ross was driving to Detroit to visit his mother, Jamika McClain, after hearing that his 15-year-old sister Eliza had been killed in a car accident overnight.

“I knew I was going to jail due to a petty warrant,” Ross wrote on Facebook. “The police called Wayne County and they refuse to come get me because of the distance.”

With his car hooked up to a tow truck, Ross, who hadn’t slept since he’d heard the news, couldn’t keep things together any longer. He tearfully explained his situation to the highway patrolman, Sgt. David Robison.

“He saw the sincerity in my cry,” Ross wrote on Facebook. “He reached over and began praying over me and my family,” he continued. Sgt. Robison then drove Ross the next 100 miles to Detroit.

“Everybody knows how much I dislike cops, but I am truly grateful for this guy,” Ross finished. “He gave me hope.”

McClain has set up a GoFundMe account to help defray the costs of Eliza’s burial.