Parents Give 5-Year-Old Daughter 'Visual Bucket List' Before She Loses Eyesight

A young girl with a love for all-things celestial gets a good look at Saturn before losing her vision completely

Photo: Kaitlin Durbin/News Journal/AP

All the stars in the sky couldn’t shine as brightly as 5-year-old Elizabeth “Lizzy” Myers’ face as she peered through a telescope to look at Saturn’s rings last week.

The young girl has Usher Syndrome Type II, a rare genetic disorder that causes hearing and vision loss. Since her diagnosis over a year ago, her parents have created a “visual bucket list” to make sure Lizzy takes in as many wonderful sights as she can before the disease causes her to go blind, the Mansfield News Journal reports.

On Tuesday, Lizzy, who has an affinity for stargazing, took a trip to the Warren Rupp Observatory in Bellville, Ohio, to see the celestial night sky through high-powered telescopes.

It was big, giant, round. It had holes in it, she told the news outlet.

The Richland Astronomical Society at the observatory also allowed Lizzy and her friend to see Saturn through “Big Blue,” a 36 in. lens Newtonian telescope housed in the dome of the observatory.

“That s one of the things that hurts the most, she’s so visual. her father, Steve Myers, told the news station. “About five to seven years is our window to get her out and about to see things, especially at night. Otherwise, it would be too late to do things like this [view the night sky] or catch lightning bugs.”

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