Oh No They Didn't! SAG Night's Best Quotes

Relive the wacky and weird lines from the red carpet and the show

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"Do you have an eating disorder?"
– E! host Debbie Matenopoulos, to trimmed-down new mother Amy Poehler

"Thank you so much. That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me."
Amy Poehler, accepting the "compliment" about her post-baby body

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"I didn't even buy a dress!"
– A pants-clad Meryl Streep, describing her shock over her best actress win for Doubt

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"I don't know who I want to make out with more tonight – Tony Hopkins or Diane Lane? Tony looks so good!"
30 Rock winner Alec Baldwin, quipping about catching up with people at the SAG Awards

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"You've got to keep the fights clean and the sex dirty!"
Kevin Bacon, on the secret to the success of his 20-year-long marriage to fellow nominee Kyra Sedgwick, to E!'s Giuliana Rancic

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"I love you, Alice! Take care of me when I'm old and broke!"
Tina Fey, thanking her 3-year-old daughter after winning best actress for 30 Rock

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"A whole lot of man standing here! A whole lot of big black man standing here!"
30 Rock's Tracy Morgan, to E!'s Debbie Matenopoulos, about being surrounded by costars Grizz Chapman and Kevin Brown

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"Wherever I go, I seek out a mirror and when one's not available, I'll make due with a car window or a dark picture. I'm an alcoholic – I mean actor."
Will Arnett, during the traditional start to the ceremony, in which actors introduce themselves to the camera

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"New towels."
Doubt costar Amy Adams, pointing out the best part of getting married next summer

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"Something happened to me during the making of this movie and I noticed it tonight, where I noticed that the two statues have rather healthy packages."
Sean Penn, joking about playing gay political activist Harvey Milk during his best actor speech for Milk

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