O'Donnell's Party

A dozen young women dressed in pristine white wedding dresses lined the red carpet to cheer on the stars of ”The Bachelor” for the L.A. premiere of the movie on Wednesday. In the movie, Chris O’Donnell plays a confirmed bachelor who must marry in 24 hours in order to secure a $100-million inheritance but in his own life. The actor, who arrived on the arm of his wife of more than two years, Caroline, told PEOPLE that he’s a happy his bachelor days are behind him. ”I have good memories of being a bachelor,” he said. ”But I wouldn’t trade it for the program here — being married. I’m very happy.” Co-star Brooke Shields, now divorced from tennis ace Andre Agassi, arrived with new beau, Chris Henchy, and sported what appeared to be a very large engagement ring. But she said she expects her suddenly single status to last for a while longer: ”It’s a prop,” she said of the ring.

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