Octuplets' Grandfather Says His Daughter Needs Help

Nadya Suleman's father urges the public not to "punish" his daughter for having 8 babies

Photo: Harpo Productions/AP

Ed Doud, the father of California octuplet mom Nadya Suleman, has done his first nationally televised interview – with Oprah Winfrey.

During the exclusive chat, Doud reveals how he found out about his daughter s pregnancy, how the family is coping – and also sheds a few tears about the situation.

“You know, she needs help,” he tells Winfrey, defending the Web site that was recently launched to support her 14 children. “I say to everybody now, people, we do need help. Do not punish my daughter for what she had done and do not punish the babies, because they were given by God.”

Doud doesn’t mince words when addressing his daughter’s decision to carry eight babies to term, calling Suleman, 33, and the fertility specialist who implanted six embryos in her womb “absolutely irresponsible.”

Suleman has faced even more scrutiny since it was revealed that she supports her large family, in part, with the help of food stamps.

The babies’ grandfather maintains caring for Suleman’s 14 children will be a family affair. His greatest hope? “To stay healthy and to have my grandchildren – all of them – to be healthy, and the mother to finish her schooling and start working,” he says. “We all could support this family.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a frequent contributor on Winfrey s show, also joins Doud and the talk show host in the episode to discuss the ethics behind the actions of the fertility specialist and Suleman.

The episode will air on The Oprah Winfrey Show Tuesday, Feb. 24.

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