"I wish her the best of luck," says Victor Munoz. "She's going to need it"
Credit: Nancy Pastor/Polaris

He may not have received any death threats, but Nadya Suleman’s representive – Victor Munoz – has decided to call it quits. “In good conscience, I can’t continue representing Nadya,” Victor Munoz tells PEOPLE. “I wish her the best of luck. She’s going to need it.”

Munoz broke the news to Nadya late Friday night from New York, where he’d traveled a day earlier to negotiate several business deals for the mother of octuplets.

Munoz is the second rep to distance himself from Suleman. Her first rep, Mike Firtney and partner Joann Killian, quit earlier this month after receiving scores of death threats via email on their office phone. “Many were so obscene, they can’t be repeated,” Firtney says.