Barack Obama Brought His Anger Translator Luther to the White House Correspondents' Dinner (VIDEO)

Keegan-Michael Key appeared as his hilarious sketch-show character during the president's speech

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President Barack Obama is not to be messed with – at least not when his anger translator’s around!

During Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C., Obama’s speech was full of one-liners and zingers, but it wasn’t until Keegan-Michael Key joined him onstage that it really took off.

Drawing from a recurring bit on Key’s Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele, the President recruited his “anger translator Luther” to help him finish out his speech. As Obama remained calm and spoke about various White House issues, Key interjected with hilarious tirades.

“Despite our differences, we count on our press to shed light on the most important issues of the day,” said Obama.

“We can count on Fox News to terrify all white people with some nonsense,” Key quickly added.

The duo continued, poking fun at billionaire campaign donors and the 2016 presidential candidates, including Hillary Clinton.

“She gonna get that money, she gonna get all the money … Khaleesi is coming to Westeros, Key shouted, referring to HBO’s Game of Thrones.

When Obama started to discuss global warming, however, the tables were turned.

“I mean, look at what’s happening right now. Every serious scientist says we need to act. The Pentagon says it’s a national security risk,” the President said, growing audibly angrier and angrier. “It is crazy! What about our kids! What kind of stupid, short-sighted, irresponsible …”

Luther stopped Obama before he could continue, saying, “All due respect sir, you don’t need an anger translator. You need counseling.”

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