He also targets his and Michelle's date nights and NBC's Brian Williams at annual correspondents' dinner
Credit: Bryce Vickmark/ZUMA

A bulletin from President Obama: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s fall in the State Department basement this week might have been caused by rival Richard Holbrooke – long suspected of coveting the Secretary’s title – slicking the floor with WD-40.

Obama said his first reaction to news that Clinton’s fractured elbow would require surgery was to brace for yet another fiscal crisis. “Fortunately, the lawyers tell me Hillary’s ready to settle,” he quipped at Washington’s annual Radio & Television Correspondents’ Dinner Friday night.

The President added that the annual event had ruined his extravagant, weekly date night. “I was supposed to take Michelle out for Thai food,” he told the black-tie audience of news broadcasters. “In Bangkok.”

Obama also joked about sleeping with NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, who spent a much-ballyhooed full day with Obama for a three-part special about life inside the White House. Williams, the President said, “was a bad house guest. He left his wet towels in the Roosevelt Room and we’re pretty sure he clogged the toilet and didn’t tell anyone about it.”
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