The President's No. 1 fan makes a new video and takes a trip to Washington

By Tiffany McGee
January 21, 2009 04:35 PM
Jay Brady/Everett

Obama Girl still hasn’t met her man.

After flying in from New York to cover the Inauguration for, Obama Girl (real name: Amber Lee Ettinger) went shopping and hosted a party. But she never came face-to-face with the candidate-turned-president she famously serenaded in “I Got a Crush … on Obama” and other Internet videos (including a new one released before the Inauguration).

“He’s pretty busy. I don’t think I’m gonna meet him this week [but] maybe someday,” Ettinger, 26, told PEOPLE during a pause in the festivities in Washington, D.C.

Still, her admiration for the new leader of the free world is undiminished. “He’s hot. He’s just hot,” says Ettinger. “Not all presidents are hot, but he has charisma. And when I watch him on TV he has this swagger about him, and it’s not quite cocky. I hope he doesn’t get cocky.”

Kidding aside, Obama Girl says she is happy to keep her distance from Obama; in real life, she admires him, but isn’t infatuated. “I’m very respectful of him and his entire family,” says Ettinger, who has launched a singing career.

“I’ve met his campaign manager, and his chief speech writer,” she says. “And his chief speech writer told me they love the videos and they play them in the office. And I said, ‘Oh, one day I’d love a note from him.’ And he was like. ‘Oh yeah, I’d probably be the one to write it.’ And I was like, ‘Aw, all right, not cool!’ ” says Ettinger.