"I was driving by and I thought I'd like to kick the ball around a bit," said the President

By Andrea Billups
Updated August 23, 2013 01:50 PM
Credit: Courtesy Pete Souza; Landov

President Barack Obama is best known for his love of basketball, inviting pals and associates over to the White House for frequent pick-up games where Lakers star Kobe Bryant once called him out for talking “a lot of trash” on court.

On Friday, Obama changed his game up a bit, dropping into the soccer field of Tully Central High School, in New York State’s in Onondaga County, for a surprise visit as the school’s girls’ and boys’ teams held practices.

After his motorcade rolled up around 11 a.m., the sports enthusiast leader of the Free World decided to try out his skill in dribbling and penalty kicks, rolling up his shirt sleeves as students and coaches looked on. He later posed for photos with the students.

“I was driving by and I thought I’d like to kick the ball around a bit,” Obama joked about his drop-in.

The real purpose of his trip, however, was more than just play. The President was out to shine a light on making college more affordable for middle class families and keeping students out of too much student loan debt, Syracuse.com reported.