Stephen Curry was no match for President Obama

By Char Adams
April 18, 2016 02:55 PM

Stephen Curry may be a champion on the basketball court, but when it comes to a game of Connect Four with President Barack Obama, not so much.

The two sat down for a round of the classic game to promote Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative – launched in 2014 to help disadvantaged youth, particularly boys and young men of color.

“I gotta get serious, hold on for one second,” the NBA star says in an Instagram clip before popping in a mouth guard.

The president took a moment to compose himself as well: “Hold on a second, I gotta get my game face on,” he said.

Stephen Curry (left) and President Barack Obama
Source Instagram

Although the full game between the two men is not shown in the Instagram clip, an Instagram photo later posted by official White House photographer Pete Souza showed that Obama came out the victor.

The photo showed Obama raising both fists in the air as Curry buried his head in his hands.

“Two super competitors: POTUS and @stephencurry30,” the caption read in part.

The White House took to Twitter to share some outtakes from the shoot.

In the full-length version of the video, an ad calling for men to become mentors, the two engaged in a series of mentor-mentee activities.

Obama helped Curry with his resume – he advised the NBA star to remove the basketball clip art – showed him how to activate a paper mache volcano and even helped Curry perfect his jump shot.