February 04, 2004 11:00 AM

Apparently Janet Jackson isn’t the only pop star in hot water this week.

Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher was wanted for questioning by police after they saw a photo of him in a newspaper as he was allegedly trespassing along a railroad line while walking from his hotel to a recording studio in Cornwall. (It may not be the same as exposing oneself on national TV, but obviously these things are taken seriously over there.)

Oasis is reported to be recording their upcoming album at the Sawmills Studios, near Golant, Cornwall, according to published reports.

Editors of the Sun tabloid said they were contacted by Inspector Kevin Marshall of the British Transport Police, who warned that Gallagher, 36, faced a fine of up to $1,6000 if it was confirmed that he was trespassing. (By comparison, there are reports in America that CBS may face fines into the millions of dollars for the Jackson mishap during the Super Bowl halftime show.)

“The danger is children may copy what he’s doing,” inspector Marshall was quoted as saying. “The message needs to be clear that people should not step foot on the railways.”

Turns out Noel’s alleged trespassing was confirmed, and as Marshall told BBC News Online after questioning the rocker. “Mr. Gallagher fully admitted the offence … and he was reported for a decision to be made as to whether he could be prosecuted or not.”

Marshall says Gallagher may either be summoned to appear in court or issued a verbal or written warning.

That ought to teach him.

Noel’s lapse is nothing, of course, compared to some past stunts pulled off by his younger brother and fellow bandmate, Liam Gallagher, now 31. In December 2002 he famously lost his front teeth in a hotel bar brawl in Munich, Germany.

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